Will Woodgate Review

Will Woodgate is a brilliant RapidWeaver web developer who also provides amazing, detailed technical support. His RWSkinz Framework theme as well as Stacks4Stacks such as Appender and Gator have performed flawlessly in the new version of our acclaimed website. You can see for yourself at FrenchCaribbean.com (https://frenchcaribbean.com). I cannot recommend Will and his creative products highly enough.


Agreed, my experience with his products, and RW web developing abilities has been outstanding. He also offers many great stacks and themes for free and all of the paid ones have free demo versions so you can try them and tinker with them in your own project to make sure they work before purchasing. I don’t know any other developers who do this.

I’ve been able to hire him for some customization of my project as well and his work is flawless, he adamantly adheres to all the best standards and practices for the web so that your project won’t start going nuts in a few months or on different browsers. He can can also basically make anything happen that you want.


Same experience here, outstanding developer!

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Thanks all for the kind words - it means a lot to me!



Exceptional, the best of the best, nothing more to add :+1:t2:

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When it comes to customer service, Will goes to the head of the pack. He responds on rapid and goes beyond, that’s why I purchase so much of his stacks. Thank goodness he acquired “tsooj” cache of stacks, I loved them and hated to see them discontinued.


Indeed - Will makes rock solid stacks and then stands behind them. His customer service is very good and he always returns my (very occasional) emails quickly. He is also on Twitter and doesn’t seem to mind questions through it.

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100% agree.

I spent ages trying to embed video into a computer screen image after a client asked for it. Will sorted a bespoke solution in no time - now available as his excellent filmset stack https://stacks4stacks.com/filmset/

Extremely thorough and quick to respond - I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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100% agree too. He is brilliant.
(I bought the the filmset stack a few days ago too… wow how to make yourself glook good in one easy stack buy !)
Thanks Will Woodgate

Also agree 100% Will Woodgate is brilliant I have purchased his Boutique Theme with Rapidcart Pro works perfectly also have resolved issues with Rapidcart Pro not opening the PayPal Button just needed the latest update 4.18 with PayPal SSL certificate.

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