Wordpress Addon

I use RapidWeaver and Little Oak as my hosting site. I am trying to use the WP-Blog addon and the Wordpress installed program from Installatron into my subdomain, but am encountering a couple of problems:

  1. At one point the page completely corrupted, the addon wasn’t letting me rewrite my site path and I ultimately had to uninstall Wordpress and redo everything. It is working now but am wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem.

  2. I am looking for the RSS Feed that is generated from this blog. It is not coming up when typing domain.com/feed or domain.com/blog/feed or any variation. Do I need to create another subdomain or are there other options?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Hi i should keep it simple and use armadillo for the blog.
Really nice blog (cms)

More info at https://www.nimblehost.com/store/armadillo/