Workman Screens Stack crashes in Mobile Preview Mode

Attempting to learn the Workman Screens stack. Playing with the simplest of files:

This file will preview in Desktop and Tablet, but will crash consistently when I attempt to view it in Mobile mode. This is true both for the image page as well as the text page.

I am also at a loss as to why the text is responsive and scales appropriately, but the image does not. The image does not stay centered as the screen size is reduced.

Stacks 3
RW 6.3.6 (also 6.3.5)
OS 10.9.5 with tons of RAM

Anyone have a clue?

Addendum: Actually, it turns out that the image page is indeed responsive in both Safari and Chrome, but is definitely not responsive in Firefox, which is the browser from which the screen images below were taken.


Could you drop us a note ( with the stacks you’re using? I can’t reproduce it here.

Is the crash in RapidWeaver? If so, have you entered the same email address associated with your forum account when submitting the logs? I couldn’t find any (sorry!)


The error log and the note have been duly sent. Thanks.