Workman Target Stack Totally Misbehaving

The attached images show the very simplest possible configuration of the Joe Workman Target Stack.

I am completely baffled as to why the png is off center, rather than smack dab in the middle. Even worse, if I opt for relative to body or to parent rather than browser, it is even more off-center or disappears completely.

If I reduce the image manually beforehand, instead of from within the target stack itself, the result is equally off center, this time in the other direction.


I do not personally have this Stack from Joe Workman. Usually, he is a very good craftsman with his Stacks, and I doubt he would have left this feature out.

Please can you upload a screenshot of the image in Edit Mode and of the drop down menus on the right hand side “Inspector Menu” that say “Width” and “Position”.

You can see the Inspector settings in the images I have already uploaded.

If all you are wanting is to place the image in the center of the page. No text or anything else over the top of it/ in front of it.

Step 1: Go into your Stack Library. Drag and drop onto your RapidWeaver page a “Image Stack”. Drag and drop the image you require into the Image Stack". Place the image into a Image Stack.

I have provided screen shots below:
Screen Shot (DropBox)
Screen Shot (DropBox)

Step 2: Now under “Inspector” > “Page” > “Layout”. Make sure the Image Stack “Fill Mode:” is set to “Fixed Width”. Define the “Pixel Width” of the image. Set the “Align” to “Center”.

I have provided screen shots below:
Screen Shot (Drop Box)
Screen Shot (Drop Box)

Having problem reading your inspector settings in your screen image but on the first one it appears you have the width set to a % link maybe 30?

here is a shot of a target setting that centers a stack relative to parent (you can change to browser as well)

hope this helps.

Interesting that no one has tried this before. The fix is to set set the width to be Fill. This is better than setting the width to 20% because when you are on a mobile device, 20% is going to be way too small.