Would using iphone hotspot to publish site be insane?

(E) #1

I published a clients site. I need to update it quick !
But my cable is down and requires a physical new cable under the house.
If I use hotspot from my ATT iphone (using now) to publish … is that do able / insane / fine /

(scott williams) #2

If you have a decent connection, it will take longer but it should work.

(Mark Sealey) #3

Although some (many?) ISPs prohibit using your own device (at home) as a (web) server.

(David) #4

I use my phone with ATT for a hotspot for a godaddy account that for some reason I cannot log into with my Time Warner cable account and it works fine. Quite fast as well.

(Doug Bennett) #5

Should be fine if you have a good connection. You might go through your data allowance quickly, depending on your cell plan.

(system) #6

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