Wrong banner heights in different screen sizes

I discover an unexpected problem with Simulate.
Banner proportions are respected for ipads and up to Macbook pro 15", but start croping the height of image to produce a sort of cinemascope format on larger screen (iMac 21,5" and 27").
How can I correct that ?
I have no such problem with the sizes for the image stacks in the various pages but I can’t find the proper adjustments for the site banner.
I’m using Voyager. Banner images are 1200x600 px. My actual settings are : content width 1,170 px and banner height 540 px.
thank you for your help.

Hi there @Massilian

Do you by chance have a URL and / or project file we could look at to help see what is going on?

great that you answered.

I didn’t upload the project since if doesn’t work

What I can do is show you the way a page looks in RW preview mode and in Simulate. iMac 27"

Why does it crop the top and bottom of the banner ?


Anything else I can show you ? But I don’t want to upload, the previous version is online.

Thanks again !



(Attachment PastedGraphic-1.tiff is missing)

The image gets cropped because the banner is a fixed height. The wider the page gets the more the image will be cropped. The image has to cover the entire background of the banner area. To do this, as the page gets wider, and thus the banner too gets wider, the image gets cropped more. It is just how a fixed height banner works.

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Thanks, understood,

but the thing is I didn’t see any way I could undo fixed height when overriding Site banner

The online version of this website https://www.bleue-roy.com/ was done with the Brandon Lee Sofisticated theme, I never had the fixed height banner problem.

Do you know how to get rid of fixed height banner with the Voyager theme ?

I didn’t see anything in the General settings…

is there some CSS code to put in ?

Thanks for your help.

Take care


You can set the banner height to Flexible and it will adjust to the height of the banner’s content. Otherwise the banner is a fixed height. That is how I designed to it work.

Every theme is different.

Thanks again,

I get it. I like Voyager but Tthe only options I find in the settings for banner height are :
440, 540, 640, 740 px,
no Flexible option… 740px works for Macbook pro 15" but sucks for larger screens.
Any suggestion?

Are you using Voyager or Voyager Pro? The free Voyager theme included with RapidWeaver does not have the Flexible setting. That is a feature that is only included in the Pro version of the theme.

That’s the issue. I just picked Voyager among the themes.
I will look into it for a purchase.
Thanks !

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