Xloom - armadillo - tags/categories etc

We have the XLoom theme and I set up a Armadillo page.
I tried having the navigation (categories, tags, month) next to the blog, but then this is the result

Is there a way to get that underneath each other:


thanks for any help someone can provide.


a URL would help, don’t have that theme.

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Without a URL hard to say for sure but you could try this CSS:

#armadilloBlogNav {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column; 

Hello Doug!

thanks a lot for your swift solution. That did the trick. I am really not a CSS savy person and it seems Armadillo (read XLoom) makes use of it a lot.

Picking your brains once more: is there a way to make the column wider ? so that text is aligned better. I tried different things but like I said… CSS is not my cup-of-tea… Also tried to change the colors of the blocks also there no luck…

url by the way: www.starobserver.eu (and then go to the blog via the menu)

Oh… and now I think of it. The headlines which are shown on the homepage are put within an ExtraContent area of the XLOOM theme. If I want to alter the way they look, should I use CSS in the page itself .Extrancontent 3 CSS or does this also need to be done via the settings in Armadillo (CSS)?

Thanks a lot for all your help… already thrilled that finally the flex-direction is column :slight_smile:


Try this(play with the min-width):

#blog-archives, ul.blog-tag-cloud, #blog-categories, #blog-archives a, ul.blog-tag-cloud a, #blog-categories a {
    min-width: 150px;
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;

As for this question:

If your talking about the line:

Newest Blog entry’s:

I would place any custom CSS for this in the page CSS. You could place it in a heading stack.

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