Yabdab Filter Stack question

I’m sure this is a dumb question but, in the Filter - Item (Open) settings there is a field for category tags and a ‘Sort value’ field. This Sort Value looks a bit newer/different than the Filter manual and wasn’t sure what that field is for or what I should be putting in there.

You’re not the only one confused on this one.
I was hoping this was some sort of way to manually order the filtered results but I’ve never figured out how to do it.

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@jabostick @ricinport

I fiddled around a bit with this setting and came to this conclusion:

If no value (figure(s) or character(s)) is/are entered, the sorting order is in the order the items are added to the base stack.
If you add a value in the Sort Value: field, the items are shown in the order of this value (numbers first, then characters)

If some items have values entered in the Sort Value: field and others have not, the ones without values go first.

Hope this makes sense.


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Ah that makes sense. Thanks @Macmenno!

Makes sense thanks.
Also explains why I didn’t see results when testing by entering a few values; 1,2,3 etc and them not showing first if others that I’d left unvalued could over-ride them and appear first. I’ll now try numbering every item and see if they filter in the desired order.

Why do you suggest values as numbers first then characters?
If I simply numbered my items 1,2,3… to force a sort order why would I add anything else. What would a character do?

That’s not my suggestion. I meant to say that it is the sorting order.

I just did a test and added the next Sort Values to some items:

a, b, ba, bb, c, za, zb, 1, 2, 3, 10, and ‘no value’

The sorting result is:

‘no value’, 1, 10, 2, 3, a, b, ba, bb, c, za, zb

The character ‘values’ sort as expected, but I did not expect the figures to sort the way they do.

Adding a leading zero to the figures solves that.
E.g. 01, 02, 03, 10 sort correctly.
So it looks like a ‘string’ sort.

Well, that’s something to take into account.
I have no recommendation to use either figures or characters.
It depends on the kind of items I think.

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