Yabdab filter help!

(kelly nixon) #1

I have been creating an events guide website and want to use the yabdab filter stack…
I would ideally like a filter by month for the events!
However, in my list of filters it automatically places them in alphabetical order!
I would like the list to be in month order Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May… kind of thing! (not alphabetical)
Is there anyway to do this? Has anybody managed a workaround?
Is there a better stack that will do this?

(Menno) #2

Take a look at this topic. I did some tests
and described my findings. You might find, what you’re looking for.


(NeilUK) #3

This can be done using the “Sort Value” in each filter item.

So the category would be “April” for example. Set all the April items to “Sort Value” 1

Sort all 12 months into consecutive numbers and label each item with the month, then each month would have its sort value from 1-12.

I tested it and it seems to work.


(kelly nixon) #4

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: Whilst that has sorted the events list out, it still hasn’t done anything with the actual filter list… which as you can see is still alphabetical.

(NeilUK) #5

That’s a shame. I’ve looked at it again and it seems like there’s no simple way of organising the buttons as you like.

I know this isn’t an ideal solution, but you could try putting 01. 02. 03. etc in front of the month names. I wonder if that would work.

(Yabdab) #6

You can use the HTML stack and layout the links however you like?

<a href="#" data-filter="January" class="category-filter filter-btn">January</a>
<a href="#" data-filter="February" class="category-filter filter-btn">February</a>

Have not tested, but should work.

(LJ) #7

You could use Doobox Hunter 3 for this. Keep in mind the the filter bar is horizontal across the top and I don’t think has a side vertical option. It also doesn’t have the results layout options found in ‘filter’. Other than that however, you can put whatever you want in each section - they are effectively drop-zones.

(kelly nixon) #8

Hi Guys, Yeah I guess that would work…
But its untidy and all the boxes are different sizes!
Plus I have no idea how to link the HTML to the categories as it doesn’t work as it is!
It kinda really needs to be like how filter works!
Im guessing there’s no way of doing this without HTML then?

(Rob Beattie) #9

Hunter 2 used to include a vertical option. I always thought it was a really useful option. I wonder why @Doobox took it out?

(LJ) #10

I thought it did! Good question.

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