DateSnap Calendar does not show online. Fixed

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #1

After adding some events, my DateSnap calendar is not showing on line. The page only displays the header.
It appears well in preview and when exported to the desktop.
I would appreciate if some kind soul can take a look.
It was working as expected before edit.

RW 6.3.4
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(Alan Smith) #2

I suggest that you raise a ticket with Yabdab Software Support. I had a problem with DateSnap a couple of weeks ago and they were extremely helpful in solving the problem for me. I was most impressed!

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #3

Hi musicus,
thanks for your kind response.
I had place a ticket, just waiting for response.


(Pedro Perdomo M.) #4

Somehow some rw_common folder files were not updated. I uploaded again, this time with Transmit, and everything returned to normal.