Your Foundation Stacks are out of date. Please update to version v

I didn’t find any older versions in the disabled folders. But that got me thinking. I went up a level in the finder to Group Containers, and found this. Remnants for Rapidweaver 7. It looks like all the info is stored in the RapidWeaver container, not Rapidweaver7 or Rapidweaver8. Although the current preferences look like they are in the Rapidweaver8 container.

And if you do a Get Info on the Foundation theme?

CleanShot 2021-06-09 at 13.10.57

That is good. Republish your site with this setup then.

Republished all files. Same results.

All of the versions look good to me on the published page!

I’m still getting these errors on my home page in Rapidweaver. Also, if you go to the published home page, it still doesn’t display correctly ( The topper menu doesn’t work (even though it’s in a partial that is published…and works…on all the other pages).

Try removing that code that I pointed out earlier. I am thinking that there are JS errors in preview and this is causing this. If you look at those errors, it does not list any versions at all. This leads me to think that something else is breaking which is causing these errors to wrongly be displayed. You definitely have the correct versions installed.

Code in question removed. (I had moved it from the Header are to the Body already…now gone). Same results. Getting version error in Rapidweaver Preview, and still not fixing menu on published home page.

How about a new page or test a new project?

Have you restarted your machine?

Restarted every night…so yes. I created a new project, and just dragged my header Partial from the problem project into it. Then created some blank pages and included that Partial on all of them. I get no Version Errors, and the menus work fine.

I think I’m going to create a new project and just drag all the content across from the problem project to solve this. I’ll update if that works.

Problem Solved. I started to create a new site, and then decided to just create a new Home Page. Used the same Header and Footer Partials. Copied all the content over from the previous Home Page. Deleted the old Home Page.

Result: Site works as it should. Foundation version errors do not show up in Preview.


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