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(Walter Merckx) #1

Got some problem with the collect3 stack from Yuzoo. When uploading a document, got the email with link but link did’nt work, so could not find the uploaded document.
Find out that, saving/exporting/publishing the site, the uploads folder was put into the main index.files folder there where the link for the uploaded document goes to a separate files folder. So, I created manually a “files” folder, put in the file upload.php and the uploads folder and than it works. This workaround must be done each time i republish the sitepages where i used the collect3 stack. It would be much simplier if this “files” folder with the .php file and the uploads folder was created automatically when exporting/publishing. Or the link could be changed .

(Michael Frankland) #2

Thanks @waltermerckx - that work around you suggest is correct as per the docs - but this was fixed in an update. Make sure you are running the latest version :slight_smile:

(Walter Merckx) #3

Hello Michael . I’ve version 3.2 and apparently all stacks are up to date . Did i miss some upadate ?

(Stuart Marshall) #4

i’m never prompted to download yuzool stack updates. @yuzool - Do you not use the same method as everyone else? Is a pain having to go into account/dashboard to manually do this.

(NeilUK) #5

I always get an email from @yuzool when there’s an update. Just click on the download link and install. Simples.

(Stuart Marshall) #6

Lucky you. The emails I get tell me to log into my dashboard and download from there. This is especially painful when the update is for one of their stacks within the Oak bundle which means you have to download this huge bundle each time.

So not quite so simples for me. Handling this from within RapidWeaver would be way better.

(Michael Frankland) #7

Thanks @waltermerckx - yes that’s the latest so will need to test it and if necessary make an update. But you have a work around for now.

Updates are listed in the Realmac community addons page and here:

Glad that works for you @NeilUK!

Sorry it’s such a “pain” @habitualshaker :slight_smile:

You can update either:

  1. Inside RW (hit update from Stacks)
  2. From the dashboard - double click the Stack/Theme
  3. From the email

I send it via those 3 channels to ensure I catch everyone - not everyone sees one or the other as we can see from this discussion :slight_smile:

(Stuart Marshall) #8

Would be keen to hear if others are able to update your stacks from inside RW. Don’t know why I would be able to download ALL others via that method and not yours.

(Mathew Mitchell) #9

Stuart: I have no idea what the latest version is of various Yuzool stacks. A quick check indicates I have the following versions:

  • Tably: 1.2.8
  • RoadMap 2: 2.0.3
  • Grid 2: 2.0.0
  • Audio 2: 2.0.5

If these are the latest versions then I guess I’m getting updates. If these aren’t then they aren’t coming through!

(Stuart Marshall) #10

Thanks Matthew. They are the same versions of those stacks as I have but I don’t think those ones have been updated for a long while (Tably is the latest but that was back in March 2017 according to the release notes link above).

(Michael Frankland) #11

I’m not sure why either @habitualshaker

I have an older machine that receives all updates via in-app (as a way to test) and it has all the latest.

At least you are getting the emails so you at least have the latest versions by all accounts :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #12

@waltermerckx - I just opened a fresh RW project and dropped in Collect 3.2 and exported to desktop and it worked fine

There’s a readme in there so that the folder is created

  • Did you do RapidWeaver publish?
  • Can you export to desktop and compare the export?

(Walter Merckx) #13

Hi Michael
Made a new rw project and the collect stack works perfectly when publishing from RW - using the “export site” command a separate" files " folder is not created and the upload.php and upload folder is in the upload_files folder. So rw export is different when using the publish option and the export site option.
See the difference:Collect2

(Michael Frankland) #14

Thanks for sharing @waltermerckx

From that shot - both seem to create the “index_files” / “uploads” folder… or “files” / “uploads” so the uploads will be placed in there so should be working for either solution.

Can you test them both on your server?

(Walter Merckx) #15

Hi Michael - As you’ve seen i’ve put the stack on the home (index) page and on a second stackpage “uploads” . Both work fine but all documents that i upload on both pages are in the same “files” folder. For the project i’m working on that’s ok but i can imagine some users would like to have separate folders for each page or stack.

(Michael Frankland) #16

Thanks Walter - yes it should work that way. And does on our demo site (I have two folders with separate files going in).

But thanks for the note and will look at making sure this works on all instances in a future update :slight_smile:

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