Yuzool Cart 2 : decimal problem

Hello people from Yuzool !
I’m trying out Cart 2 on a small e-commerce website project here

My problem is that, when you add any product in your cart, decimals do not appear in the total price.

My version is 2.5.2 and in the panel I checked “Show total decimals” and “Currency type ; decimal”.

My Cart2 “base stack” is embedded in a partial…

Any idea to help ?


They seem to be showing up for me…


I mean ; it is always too zeros that appear as decimals.

For example ; if you put something that cost 1,20 euros : it will appear at 1,00 euros in the “basket amount”.

You have selected “Dinde bronzée” at 38,95, and the price appears to be 38,00

Ah gotcha, sorry I didn’t catch that on your page. I’ll leave that to @yuzool then

You’re very welcome, thanks for sharing your time :wink:

Hey guys from Yuzoolthemes ! I’m trying to reach you here, tried to reach you in your “GitHub” bugs reporter, I have no news.

I’d like to know ; is Cart2 already abandoned ? (bought 2 months ago…) Why decimals are not working ?

Do I have to purchase “Checkout2” to replace Cart 2 ?

Thanks !!!

EDIT : Just saw that Cart2 is still on sale on your website, so I guess it should work. And I guess people from Yuzool may be on holidays, I’ll wait :wink:

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Thanks @luzule - we’re just working on an update to make Cart compatible with the new SCA requirements firstly and will check this for a future update

As per your question, Checkout is for simple items and subscriptions; Cart is a shopping cart. So they are separate products that depending on the project you can decide which is best. For your situation, Cart is preferable



Hello Michael, thank you for your answer !

In fact I’m not sure if that “decimal problem” is just mine or if other users meet the same problem. I’d like to know about it : am i the only “Cart 2” user in this situation ? People : are decimals working on your websites checkout with Cart2 ? Or is it a problem only with my project/configuration ?

Michael ; do you have an idea about when you’ll check this, because I have a client waiting for me now :wink:
Thanks !

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HI Michael,

You did some bespoke work for me a couple of years ago with regard to Stripe. Can you send me a message please as I would like to discuss upgrading the code you did so that it’s SCA compliant.

Many thanks,


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I just tested this @luzule and added 2 EUR decimal products in Cart 2 and the cart shows them fine:



I would suggest check the Stack settings?

Make sure to add the price in the Stack as say 38.95 in the Stack and it will auto convert it to , and € in the site.

Hope this helps!

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Sure John will send you a message :slight_smile:

Yes it does !

It was indeed a comma / point problem !

I had commas in the “price box” in the settings ; must be points.

Thank you :wink:


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