Is there any stack similar like Yuzool’s Cart 2 stacks?

Hello everyone,

Need help if anyone can recommend stacks that solves my problem

Is there any stack similar like Yuzool’s Cart 2 stacks? It is very close to what I want i.e.

  1. Remember the items ordered in Cart and compiles total cost.
  2. Simple to use and no subscription.

The cons is Cart 2 can’t do manual payment as I prefer using QR code payment (saves Payment gateway cost as I am selling in my country only).

** If the stack will have this additional function will be great – email the compiled cost in cart to buyer’s email address.

Thank you in advance!

Payment by QR code with Cart 2 may, hopefully, be seen in a future update. Who knows!
Michael, Yuzzol, pays a lot of attention to his clients :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @TINO

Yes you are right @rk21 - Cart is a shopping cart with PayPal and / or Stripe as payment processors. Manual payment (via a bank or other) is not an option at the moment. For that, it would be best to find another solution … e.g. Mal’s commerce? - we have a Stack for that

There will be Apple Pay in a new version, but payment via QR code is something for another day.


Hi Michael, Apple Pay will be great :slightly_smiling_face:



It’s almost there @tino - thanks :slight_smile:


I just upgraded to Cart 3 Stack and Checkout 2 Stack, both upgrades are great, good work and we hope to see more additional features in future updates.
Cheers :smiley:



Do you think this will be a feasible function in further?

Request a Manual payment option i.e. user create instructions to customers on how the order will be processed.

Suitable for those that are not ready to accept online payments. They can do cash on delivery, phone orders, or check to receive payments outside the shopping cart checkout.

Suitable for me to implement QR code payment via this Manual payment too. :slight_smile:


This is a great idea and will add it to the list and see if possible :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feature request

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