Yuzool Corporation Theme java scripts & SEORx

Hi I’m very happy with the improvements in SEO I’ve had since moving to the Corporation theme from Yuzool and using SEO Rx stack

That said, my question is regarding java scripts that SEO Rx keeps flagging as something that could be improved (see image)

I’ve been using Rapidweaver since the first version, so I just need to know if there is a way to improve those java scripts

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Hi @roccoccos

This isn’t a Theme specific thing and applies to most Themes and stacks currently that call script files.

There is no work-a-round for this issue that I am aware other than asking for a Theme update (but this is RW version dependant I do believe and should be better managed in future versions of SEOrx and RW.)

You could contact Greg at ChilliDogi to see what he recommends. Perhaps there is an update that will take this into consideration.

EDIT: SEO-rx is a “Guide” not the defecto standard :slight_smile: just for clarity.

HTH a little



Thank you SO MUCH for clarifying!
Not knowing much about java scripting, I wasn’t sure how far off I was

I know SEOrx is just a guide… but one can’t help to get obsessed with achieving that (oh so very aspirational) 100% :grin:

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I’m glad you’re enjoying SEO Rx

These things will most likely be adjusted in the next release as there are changes that need to made at all levels for this to work.

For now, stay tuned :slight_smile: