Rapidweaver 7 Issue

Hi all,

I have recently purchased RW7 and a bunch of items called “The Oak Bundle” from here:

So far the only theme that works is the Quarters one. The “Chunky”, “Corporation” etc all hang on RW7 latest update when Generating Preview.

Does anyone know if this is the fault of Yuzool who made the things or Rapidweaver please?

Hi James,
I would suggest to get in touch with Michael from Yuzoolthemes Support @yuzool, he’s always happy to help (support@yuzoolthemes.com).




Welcome to Rapidweaver.

There are a couple of posts/messages floating around which mention issues with preview using the latest beta of RW7.4, so the obvious question is which version of Rapidweaver are you using?

I am using 7.3.3 and Corporation, for example, is fine for me:-

If you are on a non beta version of RW and continue to have problems, then we’d be happy to help. Just get in touch and we’ll work any issues out.


I am on the same version of RW and it never runs the preview - just the Mac
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Looks like we have this solved!


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