Yuzool support with Stuart

(Mauro) #1

Stuart was simply awesome!
He responded (to my 2.000 questions) within seconds, when the timezone difference allowed it, and anyway always promptly.
He solved all the issues and when he didn’t have an answer right away, he worked a way out quite quickly.
Definitely one of the best tech support I have ever seen!
Nicely done Stuart! Thank you!

(Brad Halstead) #2

You betcha @maulov, @kryten is fantastic… @yuzool not too shabby either lol


(Michael Frankland) #3

Really really happy to hear this @maulov :slight_smile:

Yes @kryten is a support hero - anyone would love emailing with him.

Thanks for the share :heart:

(Stuart) #4


Oh gawsh… :blush: stop it… your making me blush.

Well… awesome products being used by awesome customers deserve awesome support.

Happy to help