Yuzoolthemes Peek Stack No Longer Working

I just tried using Peek but it is not working, and links to help are dead. Presumably this is now a defunct stack, but is there anything similar available?

A pretty useful tool, so a pity it is gone.

must be an old stack. Help us. What does Peek do?

Yes, 2016. It was a stack you could place on a page, preview in RW and it would give you a comprehensive snapshot of server-related functionality, software etc.

Ah, now I vaguely remember that stack. I never purchased it but I do remember hearing about it. Unfortunately Michael (of Yuzool) left the RW Community a number of years ago … maybe 2019, but I’m not sure.

I don’t think there’s a similar stack anymore. However, I could be very wrong. I’d suggest visiting this forum: https://forum.rw4all.com

One of the developers on that forum may be able to help. My guess is the answer is “no”, but there are many developers on that other forum who would know better than me.

Thanks Matthew - yes, worth a try. Not a big problem, but it was one of those stacks that was great on the very few occasions you needed it!


Checked out the product page for that stack…

A few of those features are built into RapidWeaver now, such as SEO Audit

and Google Page Speed Insights

But yeah looks like that stack ran some more reports and even spit them out in a PDF file (nice).

What info are you looking to get on the project you are working on? Maybe there are some online tools or other alternatives that can pull what you need.

Hi Dan. Ooh, yes that is useful thanks and I will explore those built in options. I presume that product page is historic? No sign of Peek on the Yuzool site now.

I was really trying to trace any clues to an issue I am having, which seems to be a theme/Easy CMS conflict I have posted on Weavers space. Probably wouldn’t have helped, but I was just slightly dismayed that Peek was gone, as it was a nifty bit of kit.

Much appreciated, cheers.

Yeah, it’s on the Internet Archive.

I’m actually curious now why it’s not working. I’ve never used or seen it. Not sure if Yuzoolthemes is still supporting it. If not and you feel like sending it over to us at support (at) realmacsoftware (dot) com, I could tinker with it a bit to see if I can spot anything preventing it from working in RW.

On revisiting the site I notice they sell as “Premium Stacks for Rapidweaver 7 & 8, but I have just tried it in RWC8 and it still doesn’t work - it looks like whatever it was referencing on the back end (a site at peekhq.com) has ceased to function. I will send it over for you to play with.

Someone on RW4all has pointed out that the Server Info stack in the Starter Pack is the successor to Peek and JW’s Server Info stack - I always forget about the Starter Pack stuff, and yes this does an ample job - embarrassed I missed it!

From looking at Peek’s product page, it looks like it provides a different set of stats, more geared towards SEO/Accessibility/Page Speed Performance/etc.

Does that Server Info stack provide similar stats? To me it seems like it’s just a fancy way to display a PHP Info page which doesn’t really provide all those other stats that Peek offered.

I guess the question is what stats were you looking for, some SEO/Accessibility/Page Speed Performance/etc. stats, or some PHP Info stats for the server?

Yes you are right, it is a comprehensive set of server stats which mean nothing to me, and perhaps Peek was more useful to the average designer. In the first instance I was looking for a sign of any server issues which might be disrupting my CMS pages. Turned out the gd extention was inactive on the newly activated PHP8 setup, and switching that on solved one of the issues I was having.

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