RapidWeaver 7.4 Stability?

I am very hesitant to update to 7.4. Can anyone tell me if there are any stability problems discovered or any gotcha’s I should know about. I’m not really wanting to do a beta test which seems to be what was happening with the previous releases lately.


I’ve had no issues so far. But… others have. It depends on your themes, plug-ins and computer. You’ll see both happy and upset people every time there is a new update.

But, simple to revert. Just keep your old copy of RW that gets put in the trash :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve experienced instability with it. Three times today it has crashed on me while editing a page of my web site. Each time, I was attempting to cut and paste a piece of text containing a link. Each time, Rapidweaver 7.4 crashed when I clicked on “cut” in the Apple OS menu. I lost a chunk of work when this happened first time, but now I’m backing up very regularly indeed as I go along.

I got the “Oops! Something went wrong” message from Rapidweaver each time 7.4 crashed, so I assume that’s as good as an admission the fault lies there and not on my Mac. I’ve reported the crash too.


Make a backup of your version of RapidWeaver – copy to another location. Update your RapidWeaver to latest version. Test. If it works, it works. If you experience problems you can go back to the version that works for you.

I’m always very fast to update and test, but I always have a fresh backup of both RapidWeaver + my websites.

I would disagree with 7 being stable. I have been using RW since 4 and don’t recall having the number and severity of issues I have had with 7 in all iterations. To say I am “being a little unfair” is a little bit snarky. I am glad that you are not experiencing the issues that have been reported by myself or others. Be grateful for your good fortune but don’t say we are being unfair for not having the same experience as you have.

I have had nothing but issues with stacks, plugins and themes disappearing. I have gone so far to as to set up a new user account and install all from scratch. Now about every third time I start RW I get warnings about non registered plugins when I go to publish. These are plugins that I have had for a long time and have been registered. Things like “Sitemap Plus” “Stacks” “Waterfall”. The situation has gotten to the point that I actually built out a database for all of my plugins, stacks and themes to store all of the information outside of RW using TapForms.

Again, glad you are not personally experiencing these types of issues or issues with publishing and FTP issues. Personally, I feel that Mac’s in general don’t have that many configs to support compared to Windows or Linux PC’s so having a stable code base should be easier to maintain. When things don’t work in a complex system I can understand but when the same issues seem to come up every time there is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed. I reiterate that I have no desire to be a Beta Tester so when a new version is published I approach it with due diligence. Hence, my original ask.

Used for a few days and have published modifications to around 10 existing sites with different themes. Faultless so far. Sierra 10.12.4 on MBP

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I couldn’t comment on your specific issues except to say when I have had major problems - which I recall having with RW6 - a clear out of older, unsupported plug-ins solved everything. I’m quite sure that RW7 works as expected within a clean, up to date installation. My business has over 50 RW client sites, originally built in RW4, 5, 6 & 7, masses of stacks themes and plug-ins. Yet all works very well. Therefore, logically, RW must be OK in itself. The problems usually arise because of the myriad issues that Realmac can’t control such as the health of a users Mac, unsupported plug-ins still in the library, 3rd party software, the vagaries of different hosting companies, having 2 versions of RW open at the same time and so on. It is really frustrating but a good look at these other issues my help if you haven’t already tried. Good luck with it all in any case.


Wish there was a comprehensive list of unsupported plug-ins and stacks. I would happily weed my garden. Even a list of currently supported stacks and plugins would be better than the status quo.

If such a list exists please share.

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Well, here is a list of all of Joe’s currently supported stacks.

I know that is not unsupported, but you can compare the stacks you have of Joe’s with this list and see if any are no longer supported.

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Hi Keith, we are constantly looking to improve RapidWeaver and overall stability. If you’re experiencing any issues with our latest release, please do shoot us an email at (support@realmacsoftware.com)


Just to add to the mix, I seem to also be getting the publishing issue and preview issues intermittently after installing 7.4.

The preview issue happened after I added Doobox Dynostack to my project. I entered time machine and managed to solve it by getting an older version.

I’ve then had a publishing issue intermittently with 7.3 as well. I currently can’t publish.

@keithnteri Just follow normal good practice and don’t upgrade RW for say a month after seeing no issues being reported here. Also, make a decision on why you are upgrading and ask yourself if there a new feature that each new RW version brings that you are prepared to take the risk that the upgrade might bring new problems. If you are doing real work with RW then this is all pretty essential. On the other hand, if you are doing a bit of ‘hobby’ web building with RW then so what if it crashes.

New releases of RW seem to be bug fixes more than adding new features and unfortunately there is a history of new problems being introduced with new releases.

I have said it many times here, that I think RM should abandon the RW FTP and develop a relationship with someone like YummyFTP (who are also part of the SetApp bundle) and use the development time to add new features.


My publishing is broken which also hangs the application since it doesn’t exit cleanly. My FTP sites were working fine before the update and now they neither one works and when it fails (every time) I have to force quit RW. There were no changes on my end other than updating RW. So now I have to export the site and use Transmit to upload.

This problem is annoying now because I am troubleshooting a PHP calculator page so it requires that I keep uploading everything since there is no option just to export only the pages that have changed - instead it exports the whole site, each time.

@mike_s Are you using the single page publish? RIght click on the page in the left page pane and “publish page.” I use that exclusively as I add or edit a page. Single page publishing works flawlessly for me.


What a great tip and one way to stop 100’s of files being published unnecessarily. Thanks

Yes, I had the exact same scenario with 7.4 and eventually ditched it and downgraded. After uninstalling 7.4, emptying the trash and rebooting I got the publishing back. There are still some glitches with publishing but it is working 95%ish ok.

Yes… a lot of users don’t seem to know about single page publishing…

The very few times I have sent email to your support contact it has taken days to get a response which is usually accompanied by a “sorry, we were busy doing X,Y,Z” excuse. In the case of 7.4 failing to publish, it was several hours before I could work out, with the kind assistance of people on here, what I needed to do. This loss of several hours of work time was really inconvenient. I have learnt my lesson and will always check here first when new releases are flagged up. Although I am not a heavy user of RW support it would be really useful to know if it always days for a response to emails or have I just been very unlucky? Also, a suggestion: If you are not 100% confident that new releases will work flawlessly why not release them with a clear ‘downloader beware’ health warning? That way everyone knows where they stand and can plan accordingly.

Hi David, I’m sorry for the delay you encountered with our support. We’re always looking to improve your customer experience as well, and apologize for that.

We release updates to fix known issues - these, sometimes, introduce other issues. This is not something we can control entirely, as we don’t have the same Mac OS X version + themes + stacks + 3rd-party apps as each of our users. We do release betas before each public release, and these allow us to fix any crazy bugs introduced.

The most important info needed to recreate an issue (and fix it) is the following:

  • Support Logs
  • Project file
  • Steps to recreate
  • Mac OS X version

If you can send that over to us, we’d be more than happy to investigate any issue you are encountering.

Happy 'Weaving! :slight_smile: