8.1.1 is Badly Broken. Where can I get a 8.1 beta +/- September 2018?

I’ve been living with 8.1 beta with barely a problem for about 4 months.
I was originally pushed to 8.1 beta by RealMac because 8.0 was causing the preview loop problem.

I updated to 8.1 (official) on Thursday when the update window appeared on start-up.
I worked a lot on my site over the past 2 days without publishing/exporting.

Just ‘updated’ to 8.1.1 (again when the update window appeared on start-up).
Tried to publish my site and the export fails with a ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’.
The message goes on to blame SiteMap Plus from Loghound Software.
I then get beach-balling to the point I have to force quit.

I’ve tried going back to 8.1. but I get the same problem (I’d never actually tried a publish on this weeks 8.1.).
I tried going back further to 8.0 but my site won’t then open saying it needs an 8.1 version.

Where can I get back to an 8.1 of about 4 months ago? Because the 8.1 of January 23rd is broken for me (badly) yet my site is now deeply into 8.1 territory and won’t open in 8.0?

This is going to F… Up my weekend. I have already given clients urls’s with new products that I’ve updated so I need to publish my last 2 days site work.

Sitemap plus has an updated out for 8.1. Are you sure you have the latest version?


Thanks for the link Doug. I’ll try it out.
Meantime I removed the SiteMap Plus page and published without a problem.

I wonder if it’s time to move on from SiteMap Plus.
I never used it as a viewable page as such. More because I thought it was good for search engines.

Search engines(along with other bots) will use a sitemap as a starting point to scan a site. Sitemap plus, if I remember (not at a Mac) allows you to index pages that aren’t included in navigation. The built-in sitemap generated by RapidWeaver only list pages marked as “include in navigation.”

Neither will list generated pages like blog posts, poster pages, and CMS stuff.

My experience is that search engines will eventually find and catalog every page they see whether it’s in the sitemap or not. The sitemap probably speeds up the “discovery” process. They ’ll crawl all the links they find on each page unless directed not to follow or index by meta tags or robots.txt files. My understanding is they will “timeout” if the pages take to long to load or index.

There are some “after publishing” sitemap generators on the market that will build a complete sitemap after a site has been published. These Apps should include all the generated pages.

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Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to summarise that.

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8.1.1 completely borked. A site that I published just last week on 8.0.3 comes up with TONS of lost resources when opened in 8.1.1.

Totally unusable — headed back to 8.0.3!

You might try under advanced setting in RapidWeaver 8.03 Make Document Portable. That should copy all the resources into the project file. Then when you go to 8.1.1 they should be found. I don’t know for sure if this will work, as I have not had the “resource” problem all through betas of 8.1.

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