RW 6.3.4 with Stacks 3 crashes on opening a project

Anyone else getting RW 6.3.4 with Stacks 3 crashing when opening an existing project? This has happened to me numerous times now, since I installed Stacks3, or that might be a coincidence. I have all the latest Stack updates I’ve downloaded Stacks 3 again and replaced it. I’ve tried re-booting my Mac. I’ve tried opening a project both from within RW6 and by double clicking the project file - same thing. It doesn’t apply with every project but the ones I have problems with were created in July and August this year.

I keep filling in the ‘Something Went Wrong’ box but I’m not sure where this goes or who looks at it.

I’m on OSX 10.9.5 and have been using RW for several years without seeing the ‘Something Went Wrong’ box before.

As a work around - if I open the project in RW 6.0 make whatever changes I need and then save it, then I can re-open it successfully in 6.3.4!

I’m now getting repeated crashes when opening projects, not just older ones. This sometimes happens with projects that I’ve just created today in 6.3.4.

Anyone any ideas please?


We don’t know of any specific problems that cause repeatable crashes. But we’d love to help you resolve the issue. Unfortunately, we don’t get the from the ‘Something Went Wrong’ box.

The best way for us to work with you is to have you email us at When you do that, be sure to include your OS version, RW version, and Stacks version. I know you’ve included that here, but it is helpful to see it all in the email.

It sounds like there are specific files that you are having trouble with. So, also in the email, can you tell us whether this happens every time with the same file?

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

I am still getting repeated crashes when opening a RW6 project file. It is almost guaranteed if I try and open two projects at once. It also happens if I haven’t opened a project for a couple of days. The only way I can get to work on a project that is crashing is to open it RW6.0 which always works without fail, then save the project, exit RW6.0, launch RW6.3.4 and open the project again. Almost always works this way.

So I do have a work round but its a real pain.

Can we get copies of the projects?



I also got problems to open projects a couple of days before. Everything I tried to open crashed after a crash at one of my projects. I spend some hours to figure out what goes wrong, because RW always tried to load old projects. Starting RW by double click an other project also crashes.
At Stacks 3 I had used the option to show the stacks library in a window that was placed on a second monitor to got more working space. As soon as I closed this window all projects work fine without a crash.

Eureka. You just gave me an idea. I don’t have a second monitor but when Stacks 3 came out I didn’t like losing the space on the page that the Stacks sidebar requires so I set Stacks 3 to open as a Window instead.

I’ve just switched back to using the Sidebar option and I have just opened 7 projects, all at the same time with no crashes. For the last few weeks I was lucky if I could get two to open together.

Bless you. You are my total hero.

Very interesting. It sounds like this is a common and repeatable error for some. This is not repeatable by me – which means that likely there is something different between your setup and mine.

Is there anything that you know of that might be unique or different about your setup?

  • are you running an older OS version (OS X 10.9?)
  • is the document you’re working on very large?
  • is your machine interesting in some way (custom video card, “hack-in-tosh”, etc.)
  • anything else that you can think of?

Or is there anything else that one needs to do in order to make this crash happen.

Also: crash reports submitted to are always super helpful. Thx.


:wink: I’m glad to help you…
I work with a 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 16 GB Ram, Mavericks 10.9.5
At the first crash I had 2 documents open (Foundation), one was large and I tried to open a third document (small)
Nothing else…
BTW thanks for Stacks 3 - in my eyes the best product that was ever released for RW, it’s awesome!!!

Both my MacBook Pro and my iMac are on running 10.9.5 and are mid 2012 models. I know I should probably upgrade the OS but a previous attempt to upgrade another similar age MBP ended in disaster so I’m a bit wary.

My MBP has a 16 Gig memory upgrade, other than that nothing that didn’t come with the machine. The iMac is straight out of the box. The iMac has two external hard drives attached, a USB3 Lacie drive for my video work and an older Western Digital box running Time Machine backups.

Normally there is nothing attached to the MBP unless I’m taking a backup.

Nearly all my applications have been downloaded from the Mac store.

I just got a crash by opening up a project of 41Mb, changing the stack pane back to Window mode and then opening a project of 4.6Mb (didn’t crash), and then a project of 12.1Mb. The largest project I have is about 60Mb but most are much much smaller than that.

Another curious thing. I just closed the Project Preview Window which doesn’t look right to me in that it shows an inconsistent preview of my projects. Some show previews and others are blank and one project has the lego bricks icon.

Then by using the File - Open method I was able to open several projects at once which would normally have crashed the machine if I hadn’t closed this Project Preview down first. Could that be related perhaps?

I also still have RW6.0 on my machine and none of this happens if I use 6.0 to open any number of projects simultaneously with the Stacks3 pane set to Window mode or any other mode.

Both running 10.9. I suspect this is part of the equation. I see what I can learn on the 10.9 machine.

But… OK… I have to ask. Why 10.9?

You both have quite awesome machines – why run a 3 year old OS on such great gear? Every machine that is 10.9 compatible is also 10.11 compatible. And even people that like to complain about crashing, bugs and instability (me!) have to admit that 10.11 is the most stable version of Mac OS X since 10.6.


I prefer to work and not to find out what don’t work anymore…

Maybe the new OSX versions have some nice gimmicks that I don’t need, but it also make my old Mac slower - not better.
Never change a running system - an old, wise saying.

@wda - but there’s the rub… you did change something – not the OS, but apps (and addons).
you’re using Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 6 – both quite recent. but the OS as an older version.

because 10.9 is a couple years old and recent releases are free and available to all, 10.9 is now an outlier (1.97% of Stacks users last week). outliers necessarily get less beta-testing, and less of my time.

my 2¢: always try to use a system and apps of the same generation. this reduces the “impedance mismatch” and tends to be the most stable.

that said: this is clearly a bug and my fault. :stuck_out_tongue:
i’ll fix it asap. look for it soon – hopefully this week.


10.11 is quite faster than 10.10. on my laptops.

RW is only one of the apps I need to use. Any new OS has the risk that some old app don’t work anymore. I think Yosemite as well as El Captan are not a OSX evolution, more a new design with some gimmicks that I don’t need for my work. If there is a speed difference between this new OSX version and Mavericks, than I’m sure, that I never will get back the time that would spend for installation and setup.
I never noticed that a old Mac run faster with a new OSX that is optimized for new Macs only. As other companies too, Apple like to sell new Macs and only support old Macs as much as necessary. If I would go back from Mavericks to Mountain Lion, I think my Mac will be twice as fast. The way Mavericks handles memory is in my eyes close to stupid - but we go out of topic…

If it was easier to provide resilience by having a second machine running Rapidweaver as a mirror of the environment on my primary machine so that in the event of a disaster the second machine could be used to maintain business as usual, I might feel more inclined to upgrade the OS more often.

However, as things stand its a lot of work to keep all resources available on both machines and to find and deploy the latest versions of every theme I own on a second box.

I’m sure there must be a better way of doing things and I’m sure that historically I haven’t always helped myself achieve this level of reliance but there seems to be a remarkable lack of information and best practices about how to protect years of development effort.

even though i like OS X 10.11, i completely agree with both of you!!! there are lots of solid reasons to stick to an older OS. :stuck_out_tongue:

like i said:

use a system and apps of the same generation

… so… if you’re going to use an older OS – then do it right and stick with older apps too.

it’s the mixing of old and new that causes problems. it’s like putting high-octane-unleaded fuel into your classic car: sort of works – but probably going to cause problems in the long run.


Just joined the Forum and this thread.
Just getting repeated Stack3 crashes running RW 6.3.7 and OS X 10.10.5 and sent the message to the Stacks team as requested.

Maybe I have to update the OS?

Would really appreciate any help here.

Many thanks.

Please send detailss (like the RW file involved – what you are doing when the crash occurs – the crash report, if there is one) – to We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible and get you working again. Thanks!

Hi Isaiah,
You should already have received 2 crash reports by now.
The crash was immediately followed by a Stacks message.
asking me to forward the report and saying what I was doing at the time.

I was updating an RW project that uses Stacks and Split theme.
Many thanks for any help you can provide.