Thank you Will Woodgate

(Andrej Močan) #1

I want to share my pleasure and high praise for the support of @willwood.

My assignment was to construct a simple Wiki page for our company and I was lucky to decide on @willwood’s theme. Since I am a total beginner I asked him several questions and to my utter surprise, he offered to alter the theme for me.

The new theme is just astonishing. Will’s support exceeded my expectations in every way and I can not recommend enough purchasing one of his themes ( or stacks (

The biggest benefit to me is that Will saved me from the time-consuming fiddling with the design and learning everything from the scratch. Now I can focus on the contents of the site, which is my primary objective.

Thanks, Will

(Rob Beattie) #2

Do post a link on here when you’re done. We’d be interested to see how it turns out!

(system) #3

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