Just buy a Themeflood theme

As it says in the title. I have a few of Will’s themes. I initially used his themes as he was one of the few developers that were ignoring the proliferation of crap browsers like ie7. Will continued to support it as long as he could, which says a lot about his commitment to service.

Now, not only do you get a first class theme, you also get access to a superb set of stacks free.

The tab stack alone is one of the best I’ve seen for Rapidweaver - well designed and translates well on devices.

For as little as £15 you could get a real boost to your web tool box. Will is also one of the best around for support.



@Bazza Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated!


I second that about @Will Woodgate, Barrie! His theme TORNADO is absolutely beautiful: clean, crisp, clever, and easy to use. Five stars out of 5.

And not only that- but his SUPPORT and HELP is truly first-class. He has replied to 3 recent queries and requests for help, within just a few hours - and I’m on the other side of the world to hi, so different time zones too. Does this man ever sleep???

Thank Will!


I’ll second that and add that his generous support has helped me considerably also.


Have any of you checked out the additional free stuff he’s put out? I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this?

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Will has always been quick with customer support and has continued to update my Volcano theme many years after release. Apparently he’s taken over Sey Design too and helped me there with a few of my outdated themes. Highly recommended.


Long ago, when I first decided to have a website for my business, I knew what I wanted to achieve and its style but didn’t have the words to describe so I was obliged to listen to all manner of suggestions from website designers that made no sense to me. Realising I’d have to learn to do-it-myself, after I’d changed to RW, I found myself on another steep learning curve of how to avoid wasting a fortune on RW third-party developers after buying an assortment of stuff that I ended up hardly ever using if at all.

As a long-established UK business in the B2B sector, I prefer to deal with UK businesses so it was with much relief to discover that Will is just down the road, so to speak; and that his attitude towards customer-service would complement my own way of going about things. As someone whose know-how is also self-taught, I know just how good it feels to be engaging on the same wavelength.

Having got tired of experimenting, I decided long ago to stick to regarding Will as my primary supplier. I started with Wilderness theme, played around with Volcano and now have one of his basic themes but customised to my requirements. Will has also created a customised stack to my specifications which as I have said before enables my website to provide a feature for visitors to my site that is quite possibly unique on the web.

Occasionally I look around at what else might be available but the style of websites nowadays is just too trendy and content too mediocre to be of any use to people in my target market.

Frankly I do not know what I would’ve done without Will’s know-how. Highly recommendable.


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