A function that had RW7 and that no longer exists on RW8

The icon at the top of the window that indicated on RW7 that the project was saved no longer exists on RW8.
Would it be possible to restore this function?
It’s very annoying because you never know if the project is saved or not.


@bendeparis – instead of the icon, look at the “stop light” buttons in upper left corner of the window. The red button will show a black circle inside when there are unsaved changes. This behavior should be the same in every document based app on your Mac. :smiley:

For those who are wondering what this is about, Ben noticed an often under-appreciated feature (that I really love).

A well-behaved document based app on a Mac has a few standard features. One is the “proxy document icon”. It’s displayed to the left of the file name in the middle of the title bar of each document. It’s shown in full color when the document has been saved and is grayed slightly when the document is unsaved.

It also be clicked on. If you hold for a second the icon will start to drag. Then this icon can be dragged as if it’s the actual document icon – hence the “proxy” name.

@dan @simon - I know getting rid of the icon makes the title bar a bit cleaner, but I really do like these old-school standardized document behaviors. I’ll cast my vote and say that I’d like the icon back too.



I agree with you.
I know the trick of “stop light”, but it’s really not practical to use.
So, i’d like the icon back too.

It’ll be returning in 8.0.2 :slight_smile:


Holy cow - I’ve been a Mac guy for over 30 years (I still have my original FatMac), I knew about the proxy document icon, but I never knew about the black circle in the red light! Thank you, @Isaiah, for enlightening me!! Learn something new every day. :slight_smile:


My first Apple computer was an Apple /// (pre Mac - pic at left) and I didn’t know about it either!

Good job. I would not have thought to explain this. The knowledge we take for granted sometimes… :clap:

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This appears to not be constant… In Pages, both “old” 4.3 and “new” Pages, the icon appears to stay the same but “Edited” appears to the right of the file name instead. If you click the “edited” text you get a dialog which allows you to change name, location, and tags.

I had no idea! That’s super helpful!

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