RapidWeaver 8 Disappeared?

Help! I used RapidWeaver 8 the other day to update some websites.

This morning, I opened my Mac laptop to update some more, and RapidWeaver 8 seems to have vanished from my computer?!?

The “dock” where the icon appears, shows the icon but with a “?” superimposed on it:


On my Mac, I went to Go → Applications and sure enough, RapidWeaver 8 is NOT there.

I have several websites, and I don’t want to lose my work! Any suggestions on 1. Why this happened, and 2. How best to restore RapidWeaver 8 to my Mac, without losing my settings / work?



Go here:

and click on Download Trial

Thanks but I purchased it already, and I still have the download link from that purchase. I’m still wondering 1. Why did this happen and 2. If I re-download and re-install, will I lose any of my data for my various RapidWeaver 8 websites and publishing settings?

The important thing is that you have your RW8 project files. If you have those, they will load with the settings you saved them with.

I’ve never heard of RW just disappearing. I don’t think it’s possible without some kind of user input.

It sounds like you need to reinstall RW8 and hopefully find your original project files.

The project file icons look like the example below.


If you download an application from the internet, move it to your applications folder, and run it, you are prompted to verify the app. After that all is well.

If you download an application from the internet, move it to your applications folder, then drag it to the dock before running it, it is not verified when dragged to the dock. Now running it causes this “?” on the icon, and in some cases the icon completely disappears.

Interesting - maybe that’s what happened? Anyway, I re-downloaded the app, and it seems to be running just fine. I didn’t lose anything.

Thanks, all for your help!


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@Doobox - yep, that’s part of the new secure system in 10.13. the first run, prior to the verification, launches from a secure temporary location. but all that happens by “magic” – meaning that it’s supposed to be transparent to the user.

@rogermoen - one good way of assessing what might have happened is to look back through your time-machine snapshots. it should have an hour by hour snapshots of the past day or two. perhaps you can see exactly where the app went missing.

and if you don’t have TimeMachine (or some other backup system) running, then it would be a good time to start. :wink:

did you get the app re-downloaded and running again? if not, let us know and we can help.


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