A quick question before I install Stacks 3

I’ve downloaded Stacks 3 and paid for the upgrade but I just wanted to check that it leaves Stacks 2.5 alone when it’s installed? I have an issue with RW6 with one of my websites so will be still using RW5 for amending it and want to ensure this upgrade doesn’t stop me using previous versions of Stacks with previous versions of RW?

Nope, Stacks 3 replaces Stacks 2.x

Edit - Misread question, yes, you can have S2 with RW 5 and S3 with RW 6.

right, so upgrading to Stacks 3 means an end to using RW5?..

Ah, my mistake. No, you can have RapidWeaver 5 with Stacks 2 and RapidWeaver 6 with Stacks 3 installed, they are installed in different areas, as RapidWeaver 6 moved the add ons folder to a new spot for sandboxing issues.

Phew, I thought for a minute that Stacks 3 was going to be a no go (for now.)

Thanks for the response @Zeebe

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No problem, sorry about the confusion! It is morning where I am and I have not had my :coffee: yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems fairly well answered, but I’ll just add this one little bit.

Because similar questions have been asked a number of times I’ve answered this here: http://cafe.yourhead.com/?qa=116/can-i-install-stacks-2-and-stacks-3-on-the-same-computer