How to install stacks on both RW5 nd 6

I’m running both 5 and 6 since some of my early project uses stacks that’s not supported by 6.
But some times new stacks or upgrades doesn’t install correct, so I can se it from both versions.
I’ve tried to install while first 5 and then 6 are started, and most of times it works, bu I wunder how to do it right?

Best way to install a stack is this

  1. If the stack comes on an a disk image, open the disk image and drag and drop the stack (you may have to look for it, Joe Workman keeps his in a folder on the disk image) onto the RapidWeaver icons (have them open and in the dock). This way you know it will install in the one you drop it on.

  2. If the stack just downloads as a stack, duplicate the stack by clicking on it 1 time and holding the command key and pushing the D key. Then drop the original stack on one RapidWeaver icon (be sure it is open). Then remove the word copy from the duplicated stack and drop it on the other RapidWeaver icon (be sure that is open too).

Best way in my opinion to install.