A Vendor to Give Thanks For

Shout Out for VibraCart Pro

As Thanksgiving approaches, I just wanted to take a moment pass on some praise for VibraCart Pro and Vibralogix owner Adrian Jones.

First, some of you may have seen my earlier postings where I was wrestling with which non-subscription cart and payment system to use.

The needs weren’t extensive…it’s a one-product website BUT needs to be able to accommodate coupons and discount codes. At the end of the day, I was left looking at RapidCart Pro and VibraCart Pro.

I decided to go with VibraCart for a few reasons: (1) I didn’t see much in the way of discontent for either product, but several folks who implemented VibraCart were really keen on it; (2) VibraCart’s instructions were pretty simple and packaged in a nice downloadable pdf format; and, (3) my perception from looking at both sites was that VibraCart seems to be updated more frequently. (Now, if I got any of this wrong, my advance apologies to the RapidCart folks.)

But here’s the pleasant surprise in my selection: Vibralogix has been a dream to deal with. I ran into a few problems/glitches related to my limited experience or errors that I introduced. Vibralogix owner Adrian Jones has been super supportive in terms of resolving these and getting me back on track. From my perspective, this is one vendor that goes above and beyond and I recommend this firm highly.

Just wanted to let others in the RW community know that this is a product worth looking at it along with a team that is very knowledgeable and supportive.

Many thanks to Adrian and his team!


Thanks for calling out VibraLogix and Adrian. ‘Above and beyond’ certainly beats the usual ‘About what I expected’ any day. Practitioners of customer-focused commerce should be applauded, as you’ve done here. As a result, I am going to take a look at VibraCart right now. Thanks for the post.

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100% @vibralogix was brilliant when we moved host. Set him up a Sitelok login, and he fixed our migration-related issues within minutes AND explained what he’d done.

If we needed an e-commerce solution, I’d go with Vibracart without hesitation.

Fabulous products, and incredible support.

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