Access to account

Hi. My Sister has a Web Site which was set up by her Ex Husband. She is a singer and has not changed her Web Site since 2013. She wants to gain access to her account and change some aspects of her Web site.

The web site is

Can you please help us gain access as her ex Husband has last all the codes etc needed to alter the web site.

She will need the credentials that were used to publish the site. She also should make sure she is the owner of the domain name.

If the domain information is public (doesn’t have privacy protection) you can do a Whois lookup, look at the Admin Contact info, specifically the admin email. If she doesn’t have access to that email then she’s probably better off starting over with a new website/domain name.

Once you have access and ownership, if the site was made using RapidWeaver you would need the project file or would need to recreate the site by copying and paste.

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