HELP! URGENT! Client cant access website

I have made a website for a client here

One of his clients cannot open the site
I tried it again with the below link and received the same response, “The connection has timed out”.
_ _I then tried through Mozilla and received the same response.
_ Have you asked another outside party to try to access the website?

HELP! not cool! Any suggestions!


Works fine for me. Loaded it about 6 time with no issues.

Have you asked the client to clear browser cache and try again. Are they behind a corporate firewall or proxy? Something like that?


Worked fine for me as well. Also ask if the client might be using Ghostery or something else that may be blocking content.

I tried it in three different browsers with no problems - Nice looking site.

Same here. Maybe ask client to check their network connection?

Hi you may like to ask your client to check out the details on the link below to see if any o them corresponds to his issues…

Hope this helps I was able to access the site without any issues

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Maybe the customer is in the region, where access to the site blocked? Yes, the situation is strange, but occasionally it happens. I often have to change your ip to get access to the right sites.