Problem with server password

hallo friends and neighbours, this might not be the right forum but it’s the only one i know :slight_smile: well, here goes:
i designed a site for a client two years ago and never touched it again. now he has some minor changes. unfortunately i changed mac in the meantime so the server information is not in his publishing settings. i would like to retrieve the sever information including the password from the old settings but of course password is just dots. i seem to remember that there is some knack on the mac to make these dots change back into readable information i.e. the password. anybody knows anything about that?
any help would be - as usual - greatly appreciated, greetings,

Check if it is available in Mac Keychain.

And if not, you can almost certainly have your friend (who presumably paid for the hosting service) ask the (site’s) host to reset the password and tell that customer. Then use that new password. Good luck!

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thanks muc @instacks and @MarkSealey, i did indeed find the password in the keychain. unfortunately somebody on the server side must have changed something else around (or the client, who - as we all know - never even touched anything :slight_smile: ) i’ check into it come monday.
have a splendid weekend, even if you got work to do!

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