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I can’t get the RW ftp client to publish my site so I am going to try FileZilla. I published my site into a local folder. Do update my site do I use FileZilla to transfer the local file to my host. I have connected to my host and I can see all the website files in the main directory. Do I just drop my local files to the hosting directory and that will publish my new files. My host is A2Hosting.

You should see a pretty close match from what is in the local folder and what’s out on the web server.

Perhaps some screenshots of what you are looking at would help.

Here is a screenshot from FileZilla. On the left side is the local FTP publish folder. I used the local publish on RW to publish these to this folder. On the right side is my host fTP site. I use A2Hosting. It looks like the folders match up.

Would it be best to just move the local folders on the left to the host side on the right?

Just select the contents (everything including the sub-folders like “blog”, “camps”, etc, etc) on the local side and publish, once selected you should be able to right-click and there should be an upload option.

That worked. I was concerned I would mess up and not have my website up but it worked. Thanks for the help. I’m just going to local publish on RW and then move the new files over using FZ. Thanks again.

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