Activation nag screen

(Tom McKay) #1

I purchased and installed RapidWeaver last October.
Never had any problems until a couple of months ago. Since then, every few weeks I’m faced with this nag screen, asking me to activate the software, or continue in demo mode.


I paste in the licence key, and everything’s fine, but this is becoming a bit of a pain.
Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

(Keith Flanagan ) #2

Not with RapidWeaver but I do get the same NAG with Stacks. Once I put the license key in, it is fine for a week or 2 and then I get the “Buy Stacks” banner again.

I have done everything including completely deleting RW and all stacks, themes and plug-ins, reinstalled from scratch and the problem just won’t go away.

It is like there is a ghost in the machine. Now I just deal with it. I did notice that I didn’t have this issue until RW7. There is something definitely strange about it on some machines.