Adam Shiver Elixir Graphics does it again

A couple of days ago - Saturday here in the land down under - I sent Adam a request.
I was expecting an automated reply, but Adam replied, saying that it might be Monday before he could look at my problem (which did turn out to be my problem and not a problem with Foundry).
He was a bit uncertain about when he could look at the file I’d sent him because he was expecting a hurricane in the next couple of days.
In fact Adam got back to me with the answer on his Sunday night.
Just thought I’d mention it.


Thanks for the kind words. Thankfully the storm seems to have died down and curved off more up the coast. Glad I could get your problem sorted. Have a good week ahead. :+1:


I have also had the same wonderful service, really great service!


This one is called Isaias which makes me feel somehow responsible.
Sorry Adam.

Fingers crossed for a mild hurricane seasons this year. We could all use a break.


And as you say that, Isaias is heading directly my way (eastern North Carolina). Glad it’s not a major storm. But just in case…

I have Tue, Wed, and Thur daily reports queued up and they will go out Tue, Wed, and Thur like normal thanks to Stacks and the wonderful “Expiry” stack. Daily mail list emails will go as normal thanks to MailChimp and the amazing eMail stacks.

Thanks Will, Isaiah, and Joe (and Mr. Chimp).

And thanks to all 3rd party developers like Adam (Elixir) for making RW what it is today.

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Stay safe. The storm has amounted to very little down here thus far.

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Always get a prompt and great response from Adam… and its always my fault that its not working for me. So he also has the patients of a saint at times :upside_down_face:

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