Add PayPal buttons in RW Site designed with Foundy

Hi, I am looking to put a shop on my site selling my CDs as I am a musician. I am working on a site using RW8 and Foundry. There doesn’t seem to be a PayPal stack in Foundry (I have all three Elixir stack bundles installed, ie. Foundry, Foundry Potion Pack and Foundry Thunder Pack), however, I spotted Checkou2 by Yuhoool, is it possible to integrate Yuhoool stacks into a site designed with Elixer’s Foundry?


Hey there @Dutch — you can use most 3rd-party stacks with Foundry. I don’t own the stack in question by it should work just fine I would think.

That said, PayPal offers a pre-defined button that you can use as well that is a part of their service. You can configure the button within PayPal.

There’s also stacks like PaySnap from @yabdab that integrates PayPal into your site in a cool cart:


Thanks much Adam, much appreciated!..:slight_smile:

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