RW8, Stacks, and PayPal

Getting ready to move forward full scale with RW8, Stacks, and Squash. Some questions y’all…

STACKS - Training videos to learn what they are all about, functions, and how to get the most out of stacks? Also, are Stacks from RW team or a separate entity? If the latter, will Stacks cause issues with RW8 and/or if RW updates will that affect Stacks, as in no longer be functional?

PayPal - being a PayPal seller, will putting PayPal buttons on RW developed pages interfere with any of RW’s design features?

Thanks in advance to those who respond. :slight_smile:

I’m going to leave this question to folks that are producing these sorts of videos – or who have watched some. There are a bunch out there, that’s for sure. I you don’t find anything, let me know in an email and I’ll help out.

RapidWeaver is made by Realmac Software
Stacks is made by YourHead Software
Each stack itself can be downloaded or purchased from different developers, designers, and experts too.

Stacks 3.5 is designed to work with RapidWeaver 7 and RapidWeaver 8 on macOS 10.9 through macOS 10.14
Tomorrow we’ll have a tiny bug fix release to correct the one incompatibility we found with the big RapidWeaver v8.1 update. In other words: we try very very hard to maintain perfect compatibility. :smiley:

It should work great. There are a bunch of PayPal (and lots more) seller type stacks (like CartLoom) as well as a whole plugin (RapidCart) for doing retail. You’re in good hands. :+1:

Have fun.


Thanks @isaiah !!

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