Our commercial websites... Built with…?

I was reading this post, and I had never heard of PaySnap.

I have tried Cart3 and RapidCart Pro, for the only 2 commercial websites I have built. But I remember that choosing a stack was quite difficult. They are a lot of options out there.

So I thought that it would be interesting for everyone to see your commercial websites and to know how you made them, what was the solution you choose, and maybe why you picked this one.

So my two (small !) commercial websites are:

maruchewarre.com built with RapidCart Pro.
Good points ; RCP is quite easy to understand and use, is it easy to deal with all the objects you sell, you can make them appear or disappear on the website very easily. The options are great, easy to use. I did not meet problems that I could not fix. You can create a complete database with your items, export it, import it, and use advanced settings about database if you need it and know how to do :wink:
Bad points ; As far as I understood ; you can not use RCP in several pages in your website, so it is useful only for very small ecommerce solution. You can not display articles manually in your page, you have to “play around” with settings in every object settings for that… I tried to reach the dev team twice ; not very effective.

lafermeduvaldenoye.com built with Cart3.
Good points ; you can create as many pages as you want (with I did not do here). You can easily place every items a the place you want it to be ; everything is done “by hand”. There is no “database notions” here. So it is qui configurable too.
Bad points : The first one would be ; you have to put a Paypal dress in every item ; don’t know why, maybe there is a good reason for that, but it is not practical at all. For Stripe ; you put your informations once and it’s done. I have met problems with Stripe and discounts ; my discounts where disappearing when check-out, so I have got rid of it and the website uses only Paypal now.

So ! If you’re interested in seeing other commercial website and understand how they were built, please show yours !


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Bump and a follow from me on this. I don’t have any current sites to offer, but the content of your post is timely and intriguing for me. I look forward to input from others. :+1:

Hi, I’m building my first site with Rapidweaver 8 and foundry. I come from the Dreamweaver side of web building. However, I was looking for a different and more logical UI and it seems I have found it in Rapidweaver 8 (dreamweaver is a beast). I posted the query Nicolas Luzule has mentioned on top of his e-pistle and was kindly replied to be Elixer’s (Foundry) own Adam Shiver who insured me that 3rd party add-ons and stacks work fine with Foundry so after looking around I have opted for Cart3 from Yuhool. It seems to do exactly what I want for the site I’m building. Adam suggested Paysnap by Yabdab but wasn’t convinced through lack of documentation and therefor opted for the earlier mentioned Cart3.

The site I’m putting together is as yet being built but will be up ASAP. When this has happed I will put up a link to it so you can all see the site and maybe give some useful hints and tips in a view to how I might improve it.

Best wishes to all


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I don’t have a ton of e-commerce sites up right now. But here’s one from a little while back that uses Cart 2: https://www.adprodx.com/

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New version of PaySnap is coming. Its pretty awesome…


Ooops ! Nobody wants to share his/her work and experience with commercial websites built in RW ?

(Almost :crazy_face: …)


I think I know why, I found this when checking out Paysnap3, with seems to be very complete ! I think I’ll try it someday.

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