"Add to Group" not working in Stacks Library, RW 6.3.6


Taking advantage of CyberMonday sales, I purchased the Foundation theme and stacks. In one video tutorial, it was suggested that making a Group of Foundation Stacks would make things easier.
I was able to add a folder to the bottom of the library icons, but I can’t get any Stacks to save to the folder. When I click on the gear icon, “Add to Group” is available, but my folders and even “Create New Group” are grayed out.

What is going on?

I have been able to add Foundation stacks to Favorites.


Try making the group folder first, then select the stacks and try adding to that group.

This could be a known issue with older Mac OSX. If you are not running El Capitan then I suggest that you give upgrading to it some consideration as it will almost certainly fix this (and several other niggling defects in RW6).

If I understand your question, your trying to add to a stacks group. The easiest way would be to first search for foundation in the library search field all of the default ones from Joe will be tagged that way. Then right click each one and select add to group. Any folder you have created should show up in a sub menu.

@TraciSlatton, did you check out Ryan’s video?


I would guess that you are running OS 10.9.

Unfortunately, in OS 10.9, there is actually no way to add stacks to groups. This is a limitation that we are not able to overcome.
We strongly recommend that you upgrade to OS 10.10, especially since it is a free upgrade that mostly addresses bugs.

If you are not running 10.9, send us an email directly and we can try to resolve the problem.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

Hello Everyone, Thanks for responding. I appreciate your time and thought.

Yes, I watched Ryan’s video. The “Add to Group” function simply isn’t working for me. When I right-click (control click), “Add to Group” is available, but the options that should be available then are all grayed out. So my “Foundation Stacks” folder is grayed out, as is “Create New Group.”

My iMac is running 10.9.5 and I am using Version 6.3.6 (15142) of Rapidweaver. I guess that’s Mavericks, not El Capitan. I don’t want to upgrade for a number of reasons, including having to buy new software to replace software that will stop working and preferring iPhoto to Photos.

Any other suggestions?
Thanks again,

HI Christi, Thanks for answering. I must have been replying as you were. I’m reluctant to upgrade for reasons listed above. I’ll live with the limitation. Thanks again for taking the trouble to respond.