Fundation stacks in RW 8.4

Hi all,
I just updated to RW8.4 and now have problems to get my foundation site alive again. I have difficulties installing the foundations packs I have - it seems as if nothing happens when installing the foundation packs (I have starter pack and foundation pack one and two). Can anyone give me a hint how to install this add-ons?

If I understand what you’re saying, you have new copies of these stacks? For some reason double clicking doesn’t always work to install addons.

I always just grab them and drag them to the RapidWeaver icon on the dock.

I tried to install the newly downloaded packs from JW-website and started a new clean project, but the result is quite strange (see screenshot)

some of the stacks appear as pages???I have no idea what went wrong.

How did you start the new project?

It looks like you have a project open called “foundation”.

Try going to the file menu, select new project( I don’t remember for sure, on my iPad). Add a stacks page and set the theme to foundation.

If you use cmd+7, that will open the addons folder inside Finder. You can then manually verify and install stacks into the Stacks folder.

Watch this video for more installation basics…


Thanks fro the fast reply - now I got everything to work (again) :slight_smile:

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