Adding Metatags for SEO

How important is using metatags today? If you use them, could you share some examples, and explain how to add them to the site-wide code? Thanks.


The Title metatag is probably still the most important - and should be there anyway so as to display a decent result in Google. Description also can’t hurt.

Both are most effective when they clearly relate to the content and the content clearly relates to them. Keywords much much less so.

IN RW 6 select Project Settings (spanner/wrench, top left) > Code (third one down). They’re at the top.

This topic has actually been dealt with a couple of times in the RW podcasts… worth a listen. Good luck!

I added some metatags to one of my projects. Looking at the site code (inspect element Safari) I notice the first line says:
<meta name="(null)" content="(null)" /> and then the metatags I added appear after that. I realize the (null) indicates that something is missing. What might be missing, should I be concerned, and can I fix it? Here’s my site:


First, check your site wide head content (Wrench icon > Code) see if you have any malformed meta tags there

Second, check your page specific head content (Inspector > Head icon > Edit Metatarsi) for malformed meta data tags

Third, check the same area but (Header) tab to check for malformed meta data tags.

Hard to say what the problem is since we aren’t looking at the project file.


@Turtle, that’s where the problem was. Somehow I got some metatag started there. It’s deleted now. Thanks.

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The site-wide code, and per-page code areas are designed to be used together. As Google will flag duplicate description tags, you should set a unique description tag for each page in the Page Inspector. For other tags such as copyright or other metadata, you can apply those site-wide.

It’s worth noting that Google doesn’t use the description tag in rating your site (just like it disregards the keywords tag), but for rich text snippets the description can be used as the excerpt for your site on a search results page.


I doubt I’m going to spend the time to place a different metatag title and description on every page in my site. Assuming that, do you feel it’s a better practice to place a title and description tag on my home page, and they appear there only, rather than site-wide?

I’ve decided to add title meta tags to some individual pages on my site. The way to do this in RW is cumbersome. Lots of clicking to open the dialog boxes and enter the text. Is there a simpler way, maybe a stack?

You can use the Sitemap Plus or the Meta Mate plugin to edit your meta tags at one single place.

Maybe to simple, but can not find anything in help or support RW documents. So my question is:
How and what do I fill in here at ‘Name’ and ‘Content’. At content: only one word or a description of the whole page?

And what does ‘Credit RapidWeaver’ mean?

credit rapidweaver means that in your source code a tag is created with something like:

<meta name="generator" content="RapidWeaver" />

If you uncheck this box, these credits don’t end up in the source code. It is common practice to give credits for a lot of software. Like Wordpress and Joomla.

Ok, thanks Dick. Do you also have a suggestion on how to fill in the ‘Name’ and ‘Content’?

I’ve been looking at your screenshot, but i don’t think these are the metatags you want. They don’t exist as actual correct metatag.
I could try to help you. I think in Dutch? :slight_smile: