Metatags Doubling Up

While developing a new site, I’ve noticed that the metatags have doubled up when the pages are published - meaning they’re repeated twice.

How do I address this?


I just discovered this as well. For the first time with the latest release 6.3.6. I believe the Metatags behavior on Sitewide Code page has changed. Where formally it was the metatags that were entered there would be used in newly created pages, it seems that metatags that are on SWC page are appended to the metatags created in the Edit Metatags on all pages. The only solution is to delete the metatags on SWC page, including the Name field (for example: description) so nothing gets appended. Screenshots below of SWC page and Text Wrangler view of html header.

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Well, that’s certainly unexpected behavior… :confused:

I would call it a bug, as the page metatag should override the “default” SWC set…

I agree: it is a bug. I think the behavior should be a specific page’s metatags are king thus if there is a duplicate named metatag in SWC, it should be ignored.

Right now the workaround is to delete the full metatags (name and content) on SWC page you don’t want appended to your page’s metatags.

I’m reclassing this as a bug.

Removing SWC isn’t really a grand idea as you then have to put the metatags in all the pages, and touch every page upon a change - that’s worse than doubled tags IMHO.

Hi folks

There’s never been any behaviour where the site wide code would be overridden by per-page metatags (i.e. we’ve never de-duped them).

RapidWeaver 6.3.6 corrected a bug where, when creating a new page, the site-wide metatags were inserted into the page when it was created (when in reality the tags for a new page should be left blank).

Site-wide tags are exactly that: intended for tags that are specified site-wide, so things like description etc are best set on a per-page basis.


Thanks @nikf for your response! :smile:

How difficult would it be to append only the difference? I assume the tags, by their layout, are tabled, so it should be an easy matter to select the difference of the sets and apply only that… This makes having defaults, as I understood SWC to be, much easier IMHO.

Then again, I’m a bit of a strange nut who doesn’t always do things as intended… :wink:

Noted! I can’t make any guarantees, but it would make sense for RW to handle this as smartly as possible.