Old RW 5 user bricked by Catalina needs help

Hey all, It’s been a while since I touched my sites. Mostly because when I switched to Catalina a long time ago it bricked my RW5. So My brother emailed me and he wants me to update his site that I made years ago (I’ve been dreading this day) Can I be confident in buying RW 8 and having those old RW 5 site files open? Or am I totally screwed? Or is there another way? Thanks in advance.

There used to be a knowledge base article on converting project files from older versions, but it’s gone now.

The reality is that RW5 is three major releases old and predates mobile computing. So any of the projects you had done with it probably wouldn’t do well today with over half of the people browsing the web are using mobile devices.

So back to the question, can you get an RW5 project to open up with RW8? You probably can, however, you might not want to. You might be better off with starting a new project in RW8 with a new responsive theme and copy and paste the content from the old site.

If you want to proceed with trying to use the RW5 project file I remember that the project file had to be opened and saved with the last version (5.4.1) of version 5. That means you’ll have to get 5.4.1 running on a Mac with all the addons you used and save the project.

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Thanks for that not very great news. It sounds like I’ll have to start over.

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