[an error occurred while processing this directive]

I am using RW 8.03. Ever since I upgraded to RW8 I get this message, randomly, when publishing a new site and/or a edited site. The message says [an error occurred while processing this directive] . I have used both chrome and firefox (on laptop and mobile) and both display the message. Here is a link to the most recent website: https://ezweb.company/client/grant/Southern-Oregon/index.php.

Is anyone else having this issue. How do I resolve it?

If this is your page https://ezweb.company/client/grant/ it looks to be a wrong destination / folder error in your RW FTP settings.

Thank you for your reply.
I think I understand what you are saying. But, I don’t use RW for FTP, I use filezilla.
Have used this test location for previous sites in RW7 with no problem.
Anyway, just moved the test file to real website location … homeimprovementcontractordirectory.com. Still have issue but now it says its a “internal Server Error” when I hit link to a directory. But link to a non directory page works fine. Buggy. Something is not playing right with Stacks and RW. As I mention, never had this issue with RW7, only started with RW8.

I’m not sure what you are referring to by “non directory page”. That 500 error is more than likely a php error or a publishing to the wrong folder issue. EDIT: it could also be a .htaccess issue, have you modified the .htaccess file?
Can you share some more info on your site build (what are you using) and your server environment. php version etc.

Thanks for your reply Scott.

A non directory page https://homeimprovementcontractordirectory.com/test.php

A directory page https://homeimprovementcontractordirectory.com/Southern-Oregon/

I have not done any edits .htaccess - ever. I am mystified since this is only happening since using RW8, never an issue in RW7.

About my site server … cpanel 70.0, Apache 2.4.34, PHP 7.2.9, MySQL 5.6.39, and PERL 5.26.0

Does that help? What other info is helpful to you?

Thanks again, Steu

hmm, okay where are you publishing to (or uploading if using ftp)? /public_html?
I see you are using Foundation.
Could you show your page structure (screen shot) in RW and the page setup pane of the UI fro a non working page.
How about your directory structure on the server.
Are your index files actually making it to the server?
What about the other files (rwcommon etc.)?

Thee more you can show us the better chance someone has to help.

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Scott, jus for clarity … the only two software updates I have installed are RW8 and Stacks. Before those uploads I never had this issue before - many sites published. This is link to file … https://ezweb.company/client/home-improvement.rw8.zip.

Published in public_html and here is screen shot

Index files are on the server, here is screen shot

In all the years of using RW have never had a issue with rw_common files and here is a screen shot

What else can I provide? I have opened a ticket at YouHead.com #6157.

Why is it /Southern-Oregon/Southern-Oregon ?

I just wanted to make sure your rwcommin folder actually made it to the server

Show me the contents of /Southern-Oregon on server
Show me screen shot of that page in RW (the page inspector up where file and folder is set)

That file structure is not an issue using that. have used it on many websites.
Here is link on another site with that same structure that works fine … https://www.ezweb.company/FAQ/FAQ/build-btter-web-site-conent.php or this one https://www.ezwebmanifesting.com/contact/contact/domains-for-sale.php

I know, you can nest as deep as you want, I just wanted to make sure I was looking at the correct folder level.
/Southern-Oregon/index.php, and not /Southern-Oregon/Southern-Oregon/index.php

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