My website built in rapid weaver not publishing

When I try to publish, it tells me that there is RWFTPConnectionError unknown host

Then I get: Failed to create remote directory: “page10/page6/files/blocks_image_23_1.png”.

I spoke with my hosting company and the credentials I entered are correct . Any ideas? Thank you.

Since the error you’re getting refers to managing directories, was do you make of the fact that the path already contains reference to two of them, ‘page 10’ and ‘page 6’, David?

‘page nnn’ is RW’s default naming convention. But two nested like that does seem a little odd. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply. I’m not sure I fully understand though.

It’s not normal for one directory (‘page6’) to be nested below another (‘page10’). Those are names which RW gives to its pages which you don’t otherwise call things like ‘contact’ or ‘about’ etc.

Suggest that you rename some of those default page folder names and see what happens then when you try to publish. Please post the results and any errors you may get back here. Good luck!

Thanks Mark. Do I rename the folder names in my built website or in the actual folder where all of the information is saved? Thank you again for taking the time to help.


You’re very welcome!

No - not the built site! RW must always control how everything else happens :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure that this is causing the trouble. But I’d suggest the following - especially if you have not published a site before:

1 - make a copy of your RW Project for safe-keeping!

2 - start a project afresh with just one page (change the folder in RW, not anywhere else!) and see if you can publish with the same login and password which you have been using up to now.

Let us know your results here; then we can tackle the folder naming issue. Good luck.