Announcing Sentry CMS 4

The focus of this major update has been to overhaul several aspects of Sentry CMS, introduce more customisable options for the user interface, fix various bugs, simplify the setup procedure even further and provide brand new eBook documentation. A vast update with lots of welcome improvements. Just in time for the holidays!

Changes in Sentry CMS 4 include:

  • Tidying of the underlying CSS code, including removal of redundant browser prefixes and browser hacks
  • Sentry Edit now has a min-height of 375px in edit mode, to prevent drop-down toolbars getting cropped on smaller content blocks
  • Rebranding of the stack from Nimblehost to seyDesign, plus various other stack UI changes
  • The option to click-and-hold editable content to login has been fixed
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa (opacity) sliders
  • The Sentry interface can now be localised into any language; making it ideal for non-English websites
  • New option to soft-reload the page after login, to improve compatibility in certain setups
  • Fixed some CSS and HTML validation errors
  • Big improvements to the display of login windows and editing controls in Foundation-based themes
  • Brand new illustrated PDF user guide to make setup and usage of Sentry CMS even easier
  • All pages that Sentry stacks are placed within will force the file extension to .php in the page inspector

Version 4 is a FREE update for all existing users, available from your Paddle Account or by request via email. The magnitude of the changes in version 4 means that this update is not available via automatic updates inside Stacks / RapidWeaver. The update needs to be manually downloaded and installed after you’ve run a backup. Previous Sentry CMS stacks can be swapped-out for the new stacks and configured accordingly.

If you are new to the idea of Sentry CMS, please take some time to watch the short tutorial video, download the free demo version and read the free PDF user guide. You’ll see Sentry CMS continues to place much emphasis on speed, security and simplicity; therefore making it an excellent entry-level CMS solution for RapidWeaver.

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Thanks for the free update !! :slight_smile:

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Review on Ninja News. Read more at:

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Hi @willwood,
will the update be pushed out via stacks in RW7 or would I have to manually download the update somewhere?

Too many cookies for christmas! (-;