Introducing the new Sentry stack

Sentry provides a quick and sophisticated method towards password protecting individual webpages or groups of stacks on webpages.

Designed and built exclusively for RapidWeaver, Sentry uses a powerful system of tracking cookies and server-side PHP code to regulate what content a website visitor is able to access on your website.

Starting with the login form, this is professionally designed to integrate with your existing website and fully compliant with all accessibility regulations.

Then you can change the configuration of Sentry to protect either an entire webpage or single-out individual groups of stacks in a webpage you want protected, from users who are not logged in. If you need to protect multiple webpages, simply make Sentry a Partial, and add it to each webpage you want locked.

Furthermore, you have options in Sentry to create custom logout buttons. The ability even exists to forcefully logout “idle” users who have not interacted with a webpage for a predetermined length of time!

As you can hopefully see, Sentry offers some innovative and exciting prospects for adding basic password protection to any website.

As always, you have a free trial version of Sentry to download and practice with on your computer.

I have also made a sample RapidWeaver 8 project to download on the product page. This demonstrates many aspects of the stack. If you like pet bunny rabbits, you’ll love this little test site even more! :rabbit2:

These should hopefully provide an excellent insight for you to test Sentry; to determine if it’s suitable for your requirements. But as always, if you have any other questions, please email me, and I’ll be happy to guide you and provide friendly, expert advice.

Sentry is a one-time purchase and you can use it freely on as many websites as you want.

For the month of August 2020, enter the optional coupon code lovesentry at the checkout to take 30% off your Sentry stack purchase. Watch how.

Wasn’t there previously a stack called Sentry? Yes! This was formally developed by Nimblehost and worked as a CMS / page locking setup. In recent years, the original Sentry stack sold in very few numbers. Presumably because there are so many other CMS stacks on the market nowadays. This new Sentry stack is repurposed to focus solely on the task of password protection.

Sentry is a free update for existing users of the previous Sentry stack (if you purchased or updated after July 2017). To see if you’re eligible, login to your Paddle account and look to see if Sentry is listed there.


Last couple of hours remaining on the discount code, if you want to save 30% on the new Sentry stack.

Instant buy for me. I hope the discount code is still valid. I’ll buy it after work today.

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