Sentry Stack not co operating ... anyone else over come this?

Using Sentry Stack. Had anyone else had this problem?

If you go to the page I have added login

Then click on the little blue icon to login. The login box appears very top left so cant be used. Instead of appearing center page.

On an older version of Sentry it worked fine, but now I’m using Sentry3.0 (just updated to The latest version is 4.0.3.
hoped this would fix, but no luck)

Only enough if I add a Sentry Base stack to the page it works ! However this is not a good solution as it will lead to new problems.
Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem … and fixed it!?

there is a script error onthe page. the first thing I would try is republish all.

Thanks Scott.

Update is that the AMAZING Will Woodgate is on the case … I will post outcome incase anyone else finds Sentry misbehaving.
My problem may be because I inadvertently used a very old version of Sentry when I first created the page.

Sentry is really handy as a quick CMS solution, and combined with Gallery 3 allows easy gallery build for clients.
Gallery 3 has a sentry feed so there is not set up trouble at all.
Anyway will post all news as it happens!