Anybody used Braintree for payments?


I have come across Braintree and wondering if anybody has used them for payments.
Do you still need a shopping cart plugin such as Payloom or Rapidcart to use Braintree?

Any experience or advise please.
Thanks Scott

Braintree was mostly intended for developers wanting to incorporate payment support into custom shopping carts, apps and games. You would’ve still needed a shopping cart in order to use it on a website. You could perhaps compare it best with Stripe.

Braintree got taken over by PayPal. It’s not clear what the future of Braintree is; whether it will be maintained as a separate entity under the PayPal umbrella or broken for spares with the best bits being merged into PayPal! Either way, it’s probably of little use to you.

Stripe stack for RapidWeaver:

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Thanks for the advise Will.
Cheers Scott

Thanks @willwood for that :slight_smile:

I just found Braintree and really like the offer of first 50,000 in sales no transaction fees. So I would love to incorporate this into my new store. How do I do so? Anyone try it yet?