Anybody used Braintree for payments?

(Scott Frankel) #1


I have come across Braintree and wondering if anybody has used them for payments.
Do you still need a shopping cart plugin such as Payloom or Rapidcart to use Braintree?

Any experience or advise please.
Thanks Scott

(Will Woodgate) #2

Braintree was mostly intended for developers wanting to incorporate payment support into custom shopping carts, apps and games. You would’ve still needed a shopping cart in order to use it on a website. You could perhaps compare it best with Stripe.

Braintree got taken over by PayPal. It’s not clear what the future of Braintree is; whether it will be maintained as a separate entity under the PayPal umbrella or broken for spares with the best bits being merged into PayPal! Either way, it’s probably of little use to you.

(Will Woodgate) #3

Stripe stack for RapidWeaver:

(Scott Frankel) #4

Thanks for the advise Will.
Cheers Scott

(Michael Frankland) #5

Thanks @willwood for that :slight_smile:

(rachel ortlieb) #6

I just found Braintree and really like the offer of first 50,000 in sales no transaction fees. So I would love to incorporate this into my new store. How do I do so? Anyone try it yet?