Yuzool Stripe stack...how do I buy it?

Hi all,

I’m trying to buy Yuzools Stripe stack…but can’t seem to find just that stack on his website. I have obviously contacted Michael directly asking how I go about buying just that stack…but haven’t heard back…he includes it in a bundle but I don’t require all his stacks as I already have many of them.

It isn’t his Checkout stack, Cart2 or the Booking stack I chasing but just the Stripe stack. That stack allows a person to enter an amount manually as his other stacks have amounts pre-set and can’t be changed.

For the life of me I can not find a way to purchase that stack individually…all his site links point to the Oak Bundle which does not allow a person to purchase individual stacks.

Thanks for your help.

Cheers Scott

Hi Scott,

Maybe this one?


CC @yuzool

Cheers, Jannis
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Hi Janis,

Thanks but no that’s not the one…I’ve got that one.

That Checkout Stripe stack has fixed amounts or fixed subscription amounts only, the Stripe stack the customer can enter the amount manually each time.

It’s just called Stripe stack…still searching.

Cheers Scott

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Available in oak:

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Yep, the Stripe stack is in that bundle but I don’t need the compete bundle as I already have bought many of the stacks in it and thus $59 is too much for just the one stack that I’m chasing.

Cheers Scott


Hey @scottjf
There’s currently 40% off for BlackFriday/Cyber Monday:


Hi Michael,

Thanks that is great but how do I just purchase the Stripe stack only please. I can’t seem to find a way to but that stack only. I already have a number of the stacks that are in the bundle so don’t need them all.

Can you please send me a link to purchase just the Stripe stack please.

Cheers Scott


Have sent you a message @scottjf

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