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I have just upgraded to RW 7.1.3 and now going from Edit mode to Preview is taking 15 to 20 seconds to display while it goes through “Waiting for Stacks plugin to provide page contents” and “Waiting for Stacks plugin to provide page files” then saying something about an unoptimised export.
I have made no changes to the project since upgrading from the previous version of RW 7
There are no other versions of RW on the computer and I have restarted the computer
Help please

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For me, this behavior started when I was still on version 6.x.x. Opening the project, changing from Edit to Preview and saving takes from 10-15 seconds when the project contains just 1-2 pages up to about a minute when the project grows to several dozen pages. Now, that I am on version 7.1.0, there is no appreciable speed-up (except now RW shows me what it is doing during the export).

I noticed that on one of my projects last night as well. Though it would do that long export to get to Preview and many of the images wouldn’t show up. If I toggled back to Edit and right back to Preview, it worked all of a sudden.

I didn’t have a chance to play with it some more to see what might be going on (or to send in a proper ticket) but I’ll try again this evening

Version 7.1.0 started crashing on export, all of a sudden. So, I just installed 7.1.3 version and I couldn’t notice anything funny going on with partials (however, I wasn’t really testing them). It did not crash on export, either. There is now a noticeable speed-up in opening medium-sized project from about 50 seconds to exactly 20 seconds. I love that!

Thanks gentlemen
Seems like Realmac is onto the problem with 7.1.4 - pity I can’t load it - as usual

Finally taken the 7.1+ plunge (am running 7.1.7 now, thanks) - and I do get that ‘Performing un-optimised export…’ message every time I Preview. Switch back to Edit. Same thing every time on Preview.

Is this normal, please?


Take a look at this topic:


Thanks. I’ll just ignore and smile…

I have been trying for two weeks now to get a reply to a support request on this topic from Realmac. I did get the suggestion that I turn off minify css ands javascript etc in the general setting. That shaved a couple of seconds off the pain in the neck preview/export process but hardly a fix. Subsequent follow ups have been ignored

Not sure, but there’s something happening at Realmac that doesn’t seem right to me. They are normally very responsive. Have they gone to ground over all the issues with RW7?

Just upgraded from 6 to 7. Running v.7.2.2
Preview takes 1 minute to display. Has anyone found a fix for this problem or should I just go back to 6?

I’d rather go back to 6 - the problem has in fact got worse since my original post.
I see that recent replies to Realmac’s feature request for future editions of RW include others who find slow Previewing a real pain.
I thought that it may have been my pages were too big for quick Preview, but a new one page project with one text stack takes just as long.
I can’t figure why Realmac isn’t doing something about this.

Is it your internet service by any chance? I notice a great difference when on a slow server vs a fast server. I also don’t have a long time waiting even if on a slower server, certainly not a minute and I have quite a few pages with lots of images, text and html files. I would guess your problem may be more unique in nature? I just timed my front page and it was less than 10sec.

Thanks for the feedback Pete, but I don’t get the server speed comment
The Preview problem I am having is the internal RW Preview

I understand, but isn’t RW tied in with the internet, ie. I thought you
couldn’t run it without being on the internet. Maybe I am wrong. I
just did another preview with 32 files on my front page and again, took
less than 10 seconds. I have this site with 34 files on the front page,
with photos and this took less than 5 seconds to preview.


I don’t know the ins and outs, but have been using RW since RW 6 and was
in on the early RW 7 beta testing and only found slow preview way early
in the beta testing.

Are you using any plugin’s? Pluskit etc?

Thanks again Peter, but RW runs without being connected to the internet. I work on it frequently while I am travelling and only connect to the internet to publish the sites.

Thanks Scott. No plug ins on this particular site.

My problem is solved. It only happens with certain themes. I am writing to the developer.

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